BCU1525 - Blockchain Edition (No Mods)

BCU1525 - Blockchain Edition (No Mods)

  • $3,500.00

The BCU1525 blockchain edition is powered by the latest generation Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA.This version of the board does not contain any modifications from the stock Xilinx BCU1525 "passively cooled" board.


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August 2018



Core Voltage 0.85v
Interface PCI-E, USB
Power 75W PCI-E + 150W 8-Pin AUX
DDR4 4x DDR4 Dimm Slots



Cryptonote and Lyra2z are both algorithms which we've developed internally and will be releasing with the device. The board itself is open to development from anyone in the community. Additional bitstreams will be released for this board by Zetheron and others from the bitcointalk community.

 Algorithm Hashrate Power Notes
CNv1 - Monero 7 14Kh/s 150W
Lyra2z 40Mh/s 225W Still under development - Performance expected to increase.



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