Mineority FPGA Hosting

Mineority FPGA Hosting

  • $429.00

After adding the hosting package to your order we will ship your FPGA devices to the Mineority hosting facility. Once received and configured by their technicians you'll receive an ERC-721 certificate. Inside you'll find the specifications, characteristics and the DNA ID that makes your FPGA inherently unique. Choose your coin, put in your wallet, and that's it! There's no recurring maintenance fees, no hidden gimmicks or tricks - what you see is what you get.

At the end of your hosting term you can optionally increase the length of your term for an additional $285 per year or choose to have the devices shipped to your door.

Prices exclude any applicable taxes.


NOTE: Mineority hosting is only available to customers who have already purchased their BCU-1525 FPGA. Only purchase this package if you intend to add-on hosting to an order you've already placed.